CHARISMATICO Dancer Blue Tassels Costume With Intricate Headdress And Feather High Collar

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Forget last minute costume assembly. With this complete showstopper costume set, you are all ready to steal the spotlight. Be it the leotard with hand-crafted details, the top quality high collar or even the stunning blue and silver detailed headgear, every single element in this is nothing short of amazing.

  • A Stunning Leotard costume + a Collar Backpack + Headdress that has been built on a special wire construction
  • Hand decorated with feathers all over the Collar
  • Can be worn over any dress to make it fabulous
  • 100% Hand-crafted with high quality
  • Light and comfortable to wear for Drag and All Stage entertainers
  • Free Size - one fits all - adjustable
  • The corset is included in the listing


  • BLUE
  • Or pick any color from the chart

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